Our Story

It began in 2003 with an idea and a vision of bringing together quality, cleanliness, and convenience for our customers. 

Copperstone is a family owned business resurrected by Jack Long, his daughters, and grandchildren. A man who came from humble beginnings who is a life long Missoula businessman. He is self-made, and believes in old-fashioned hard work. A man who values nothing more than work and family, he succeeded in building multiple business through out Missoula.

Today his family works together to run Copperstone-- daughter Terri, Debbie, along with grand children Macall, Jack, and Courtney and great son-in-law Douggie carry on his tradition in treating customers like family. 

Although Jack Long is some what retired now, his vision remains at the core of the company's culture: give people more for their money and earn peoples trust. Copperstone is proud to carry on the legacy that Jack Long built.